About Us

Potomac Valley Holdings was formed in November of 2009 as a telecommunications consulting company specializing in wireless systems integration services. With the rapidly increasing use of wireless broadband services, the company is now moving beyond home and office connectivity solutions. With the strong market demand the company is expanding to bring these wireless configuration services to corporate, government, education, and home users; as well as Education Technology companies that specialize in the development of education management applications to be converted to wireless telecommunications solutions for schools from Kindergarten through Colleges and Universities.

The Worldwide Telecommunications Industry Revenue is expected to reach $2.7 Trillion by 2017. Wireless subscriber growth, will raise wireless revenues by 64 percent from current levels, while wire line revenues show only modest growth. Nearly all of the growth in both sectors is expected to occur in broadband services, with wireless 3G and 4G broadband services projected to grow at a compounded rate of 24 percent over the forecast period and wire line broadband services projected to grow at a 13 percent compounded rate over the same forecast horizon.[1]

Potomac Valley is strategically aligning itself with established telecommunications providers by providing ancillary services that complement their existing products. In addition to their ability to complement these companies as opposed to competing with them, the company becomes positioned to capitalize on the increased use of broadband, Wi-Fi, WIMAX, and cloud-based applications by installing and configuring the connections (either wireless or via cable) necessary for their products and services.

The company is placing a strong emphasis on maintaining a superior reputation, continuing to build relationships with the major cable and telephone providers, supplying ancillary and complimentary services such as security systems, and keeping a leading edge with product knowledge. The company takes pride in having optimal communications with their contractors; ensuring their customers that their contractors will obtain the latest certifications and technologies to stay on the leading edge of wireless connectivity configurations. Through employing this strategy, the company is working on being in a prime position to become a leader in telecommunications connectivity and will establish strong, recognizable branding. Once we have established branding identity, we will then utilize a combination of marketing tools including web marketing, trade shows, e-mail campaigns, telemarketing, workshops/seminars/and conferences, referral programs, and mass mail.

Competitive Advantage There are many large, medium and small scale system integrators that sell connectivity services. However, Potomac Valley’s strategy is to  distinguish themselves by stressing the importance of establishing and maintain optimal relationships and a reputation with key people in the industry and positioning themselves at the leading edge by obtaining the latest qualifications and certifications in telecommunications connectivity.

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